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Welcome to CESPo

The Political Sciences and Sociology Study Center (CESPo) of the University of Abomey-Calavi (UAC) is a research center which supports the strengthening of pedagogical capabilities and development expertise.

The creation of CESPo is motivated by the emergence of political science in Africa, an issue which has two facets : a delayed institutionalization of the discipline, dominated for a long time by public law and the political context of the 1970s which did not ease an academic dynamics. Therefore, one could only refer to an older and better developed political science in reference to the English-speaking world (South Africa, Nigeria etc.). In French-speaking Africa, this domain is more recent, but with good development prospective.

The Political Sciences and Sociology Study Center (CESPo) has been created at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) (in the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - FADESP) as a research laboratory. It is supposed to provide a substantial contribution to the dynamics of political science in French-speaking Africa. Moreover, the Center aspires to be a scientific melting pot, a setting which allows exchanges between researchers from the South and North who aim to impart the field of political science to the West African sub-region.

The main aims of CESPo are publication, research, documentation, information, Master’s degree education, the writing of PhD theses in the field of Political Science (History of Political Ideas, Political Sociology, Public Politics, International Relations and Comparative Politics), evaluation and project management. CESPo also offers its students and researchers the possibility to undertake internships and to increase the quality of their studies in order to attain university degrees and enter the employment market. Consequently, it is a multidisciplinary forum in support of social sciences research in Western Africa.

This portal is CESPo’s window to the outer world. Visit our site and come back soon to rediscover it !

Best regards,

The scientist director,

Prof. Dr. Hygin KAKAI